FURUKAWA TAKESHI Tea Cup Oil Drops 古川剛 82

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When you drink tea, you can enjoy tea in the mystic night sky. 
You will see twinkling stars from the cup in your hand. 
Time you drink tea can be a time to appreciate art and meditations. 

Thin body, good feeling to your lip. FURUKAWA  TAKESHI is an ceramic artist from Kyoto. The thinness is the element of the beauty of Kyoto ceramic. It is the values and aesthetics born in Kyoto’s long ceramic history and culture. You can feel it in this cup. 

Making thin cup with perfect shape, and with beautiful pattern requires high technique.

Make thin body with clay is not easy and thin body can be easily distorted during firing. 

TAKESHI FURUKAWA is known as one of the best artist among younger generation of Tenmoku artists. His technique makes it possible to make beautiful thin cups.

His works are evaluated that even without glazing, the shape itself is graceful.

His long years research and trial  produced such a  beautiful color and shine.

It has been fired 3-4 times in a kiln, each time around 20 hours.

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