Tortoise Stone Texture Houhin Bizen-yaki Yoneda Housei (Ishime) 備前 米田芳清 宝瓶


Turtle Stony Houhin Bizen-yaki Yoneda Housei

This houhin features an elaborate tortoise, stone-grain texture (Ishime) on the surface, and beautiful soft gradation colors. The stone patterns on the tortoise and the body of the houhin resemble a natural landscape.

This houhin is made of fine clay and has a smooth surface. You can see it on delicateness inside and inner lid .

An exquisite tortoise can only made with the delicate clay. The shell of the tortoise, hands, are carefully made. Everything is handmade by the artist.

Ishime (stone-grain texture), a pattern resembling the surface of a broken stone. This pattern has existed since the Edo period (several hundred years ago) in Bizen ware.

The artist, HOUSEI, has been creating Ishime (stone-grain texture),works for more than 50 years. Today, there are few artists who produce such beautiful Ishime (stone-grain) patterns.

In fact, the process of making this ishime requires skilled techniques and a lot of time and effort.

After the body of the houhin is made and polished (before it dries), a creamy(watery) clay dissolved in water is applied on the surface of the body and lid of the houhin by a ball-like cloth. (You can imagine a small herb ball.)

The creamed clay look like sharp cone (you can imagine whipped cream ) on the houhin. Before it dries completely, use camellia leaves to smooth the surface.

Camellia leaves have a high oil content and will smooth the surface of the clay. Repeat this process three times. The area around the koudai-base (lower part of the body) has only applied once. The upper body has been applied three times – the texture became thicker, layered and richer.

The various colors on the surface are created during firing in the kiln. Pieces of charcoal was put around the work near the end of firing. The charcoal’s effect creates the color of the piece. The area directly exposed to the flame will be reddish brown, while the area buried in ash will be black. The inside of the body and the lid are gray due to the reduction of oxygen.

The unique and natural elegant houhin was created by this complex process. It will bring a joy to your teatime.

Capacity: 200ml
Artist: Yoneda Housei
Box: wood

There is a letter of “horse (馬)” on the back beside his signature. “horse (馬)” is mirror-written. This is a mark only engraving to the first fired works in his newly built kiln (2022). Wishing luck will come. It is a custom of Bizen-ware. 

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