Yoshikawa Kodo, Red Clay Teapot, Zojoji Temple – Important intangible cultural property of Japan

Kodo, Zojoji Temple

Item ID: YK004 / Status: Available
Artist: Kodo Yoshikawa (carving), Setsudo Yoshikawa (teapot)
Size: Approx. hight 11.5㎝ width13.5
Price: 149,300PY / Shipping fee: G(12)
Reference: (Approx. 1,430 USD, 10,200人民元 )
Box: Wooden box

Kodo’s carving technique has been qualified as Important intangible cultural property of Japan.
Temple in red and red clay are harmonious. White snow is impressive. Nostalgic and emotional scene.

Yoshikawa Kodo

Mr. Kodo Yoshikawa is carving a teapot at his studio.

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