Japanese Tea Ceremony Culture Experience Class of Shiha Tea & Comfort foreign guests 外国人 日本文化茶道茶懐石(茶事)体験

こんにちは、海外の方に茶、器販売、茶文化体験を提供しているShiha Tea & Comfortです。

Hello we are Shiha Tea & Comfort, providing Japanese tea culture experience and tea ware to foreign guests .



This time we offer Full Tea ceremony experience (matcha and  tea-ceremony dishes ) to Chinese guests, who is florists(flower arrangement professionals) in China. 


Tea master showed  tea-ceremony dishes manner and history to the guests  while enjoying the meal. Every dish is traditionally prepared and beautiful, so the guests were impressed.   


End of the class, a guest asked the tea master ;

“I was really impress with your Omotenashi (hospitality), there must be rules or standard for those hospitality. Will you tell us about it?”


He replied after thinking a while;

“There is no rule. Maybe the key is considering what the guests  like. I had been thinking how I can make you all happy since the day I knew your coming” 


The guest seemed impressed with the answer.


Afternoon, there were flower arrangement class (tea ceremony flower) and they enjoyed it.  


It was very good class and Shiha Tea & Comfort also appreciate the tea master. 

Please ask us for order made Japanese culture classes if you are interested. 

Shiha Tea & Comfort

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