About Shiha Tea & Comfort 关于志葉 Shiha Tea & Comfort

Teapots 急須茶壺

We are a teapot shop based in Tokyo, Japan, specialize in high-end Japanese teapots. We have Online Teapot shop. We are versed in Japanese and Chinese tea culture. We selects teapots such as authentic, artistic, antiques etc for for world tea lovers. 

Seminar & Activity 講座与活動

We provide Japanese & Chinese culture/custom related seminars and activities.

Activity Record 講座記録

Office 工作室

Shiha Tea & Comfort
3-4-6 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone +81 (0)50-7550-0633
Phone +81 (0)50-7110-5784
Founded: April, 2012
Founder: Hiromi Shijiki

Our teapot shop is Online Shop basis. In-house Teapot Gallery open/close date is not fixed. Please contact us through contact form before visiting us. 本店以网络在线经营为主。线下茶器展室的开放日期不固定,所以来訪前請先与我們取得联系。

Our teapot Gallery is temporary closed. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us by mail/SNS .

Business 業務

  • Japanese Teapot / Tea Ware Retail and Wholesale
  • Personal customized service for tea and tea ware related
  • Business Support for tea / tea ware related
  • Tea and Culture Seminars
  • Provide professional tea and culture related articles

Membership and Certificate 所属 資格

  • Official Tea Instructor of Japanese Tea Instructor Association
  • Official Senchado Instructor of National Japanese Senchado Association
  • Certified Japanese Tea Ceremony Flower Arrangement Instructor
  • Certified Chinese Tea Specialist
  • Certified Traditional Japanese Herbal Medicine Meal&Tea Adviser (Kampo Yakuzen)