About Shiha Tea & Comfort


We are a teapot shop based in Tokyo, Japan, specialize in high-end Japanese teapots. We are versed in Japanese and Chinese tea culture. We selects teapots such as artistic, traditional, antiques etc for for world tea lovers. 


We provide Japanese & Chinese culture/custom related seminars and activities.

Activity History

Photo: Let’s enjoy Japanese ceramic


Shiha Tea & Comfort
3-4-6 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone +81 (0)50-7550-0633
Phone +81 (0)50-7110-5784
Founded: April, 2012
Founder: Hiromi Shijiki

Our teapot shop is Online Shop basis. In-house Teapot Gallery open/close date is not fixed. Please contact us through contact form before visiting us.


  • Japanese Teapot / Tea Ware Retail and Wholesale
  • Personal customized service for tea and tea ware related
  • Business Support for tea / tea ware related
  • Culture Seminars
  • Provide professional tea and culture related articles in Japanese

Membership and Certificate

  • Official Tea Instructor of Japanese Tea Instructor Association
  • Official Senchado Instructor of National Japanese Senchado Association
  • Certified Japanese Tea Ceremony Flower Arrangement Instructor
  • Certified Chinese Tea Specialist
  • Certified Traditional Japanese Herbal Medicine Meal&Tea Adviser (Kampo Yakuzen)