Cranes on Japanese Black Teapot with Happiness, Kodo, Setsudo Yoshikawa from Tokoname

Hello! from Shiha Tea and Comfort, Japanese Teapot shop in Tokyo. Today, we introduce a very artistic teapot of Yoshikawa brothers’.

An Japanese teapot carved flying cranes. It is like flying in  water or flying in dream.

You will feel fresh because you are like looking the scene  in nature or dream.

The artist carved it on a red cray teapot first, then paint blue and white color. Can you image the cranes on read teapot? At this stage the color of blue and white is vivid.

After painting, the teapot is fired in kiln, fired in reduction. (little oxygen in kiln)

Teapot came out from the kiln became black and the blue and white became darker like the pictures above which is perfect color coordination!

Kodo Yoshikawa carved with wish  happiness for teapot user.  Crane means long life in Japan.

Please contact us for Japanese teapots.  Order-made teapot is also arranged.

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