Can Bizen Teapot Take direct heat? Is it OK put on fire or Stove like kettle? Or will that cause damage?

Bizen Clay is NOT fireproof.
You CANNOT put on fire/stove.
It will get damaged.

But Bizen ware has lots of advantage compare to other type of ceramics. That can benefit your teatime.

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1 Durable. Very Hard & Solid. Not Easy to Get Broken

There is a old word( saying )in Japan, that is “Throwing Bizen, never get broken” – this express strongness of Bizen ware, comparing to other ceramic ware.

However please do not throw – please handle with care. It is anyway ceramic, it can be broken when mishandled.

Bizen ware is loved by Japanese people since 12th century. In the old time of Japan, Bizen large strage jar and mortar were very popular items.

See old Bizen large strage jar and other kind of ceramic (10-16th century)
(Second from the left is the Bizen ware)

2 Bizen Keep Water Cold / Keep Water Hot

Bizen clay keep water temperature well (in comparison to porcelain)

You can boil water with a kettle and put the hot water in Bizen teapot/ dobin and use it on your table. Bizen ware is tasteful. Pouring water from Bizen teapot/dobin to a teapot to brew tea look nice.

(Pottery doesn’t like big temperature change. Please avoid pour very hot water to when tableware is cold.)

Also you can put cold water in Bizen teapot / dobin, it will keep the temperature better than other ceramic.

3 Bizen Ware Keep Water Fresh Longer Time

Bizen flower vase is famous for keep flower fresh.

I use bizen flower vase. When I use glass-made vase, I have to change water every day to keep flower fresh. But with Bizen vase, I can skip changing water 1 day or 2 day or 3 day (depends on season). No need to do it often. Flow is kept fresh.

Bizen vase obviously keep flower fresh longer. That can  mean drinking water also kept fresh in the teapot.

4 Why Bizen Ware have been Loved More than 800 Years?

Bizen ware was born around 12 th century. Why Japanese people use them through 800 years of time? Let’s think about the reasons.

Old time of Japan

  • Bizen ware is very strong – durable- easy to handle, you can use long time (cost saving)
  • Merchant – less risk to carry for selling because it is durable
  • Keep water fresh (Benefit for hygiene, health)
  • Bizen’s clay become dark reddish purple color after firing. Yellow ash on it looks good.

The Middle Ages

  • Masters of Tea ceremony at the time found the beauty and art in Bizen ware.
  • Bizen ware become fashion and trendy items among Masters of Tea Ceremony( Items such as water jar, vase, matcha container)
  • Goverment protect Bizen (production)

Modern Times

  • Bizen Tea ceremony items are still popular since The Middle Ages
  • Bizen vases make flower look beautiful. Color of vase is earthy. Fowler look most beautiful on the earth(soil) .
  • Bizen cups for sake and beer are selected by people who love sake.
  • Teaware such as teapot and houhin are boom in nowadays. Tasteful, good clay, uniqueness.

Bizen Clay

Bizen ware is unglazed since Bizen ware was born (until now).
Bizen clay show lots of color itself in/after firing process even without glazing.

And artists in Bizen try to express their own beauty managing Clay and Fire. (and style and texture)


This teapot also has lots of beautiful natural colors.

Thank you very much for your interest and reading.

Old Japanese ware Between 10-16th century. Bizen is the 2nd from left.

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