What is the Difference Between HOUHIN and SHIBORIDASHI 宝瓶 絞出

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In Japan, Houhin and Shiboridashi are used for Gyokuro green tea and high quality green tea.

HOUHIN has a strainer on the body.

Tokoname Mokusen’s Houhin

Kyoto Shoami’s Houhin

Tokoname Hokujo’s Shiboridashi (SHIBO)

Tokoname Togen’s Shiboridashi (SHIBO)
Houhin and Shiboridashi have wide opening, so that they display tea leaves well.

Becuase of wide opening, you can appreciate the color and softness of the tea leaves. And see how much the tea leaves expand with each brew. (You are able to tell how much more you can brew by looking at the condition of the tea leaves.)

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