Japan SATSUMA Black & Pick Pair Mug Cups 薩摩开片跳刀紋

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 Satsuma ware is made in Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan,  it started end of 16 century.

About 150 years ago SATSUMA ware popular in Europe and  exported to many countries.

Orthodox Satsuma ware have White Satsuma and Black Satsuma.

These Mug Cup have essence of the both.

White Satsuma’s cracks (crazes) on the body and Black Satsuma’s glazing on the handle.

You can enjoy traditional art of Satsuma ware and modern stylish design with this item.

Crazes are colored. Lampblack of burnt pine or rapeseed oil for black, and Indian red is used for pink.

Outer body has attractive vertical random shaving lines . This was made with 3 different size of tool (like chisel). The body was much thicker originally, it become right size by being shaved when the lines are made. Very tasteful cups.


传统萨摩烧有两种,白萨摩和黑萨摩。萨摩烧16世纪末在日本鹿児島开始的陶瓷。 这件马克杯很有趣。杯身有白萨摩的特点(开片)和把手有黑萨摩的釉色。一个马克杯里享受萨摩的传统,技法,现代的艺术感。细腻的开片纹路有颜色。黑色是使用天然由来的菜種油煙墨或松煙墨染色的。粉色的是使用弁柄。杯外模様是用大小不同的三种刨子刨的,这是在日本叫飛鉋(跳刀)技法。原来杯子的厚度大,刨掉做出刨模様時厚度适当了。

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