JUNZO Black White Gradation Gokuhira Flat Teapot, Tokoname Japan 常滑焼淳蔵黑白渐变極平扁平壶

淳蔵黑白渐变極平扁平壶 JUNZO Black Gradation Gokuhira Flat Teapot Junzo is the artist of who continuously research clay and firing of pottery. He has coolness and deep passion, and technical. His works are harmonious of clay texture and color and give us impression of nature & simplicity. This flat teapot is also natural and simple, and elegance shape. It will go with many style of tea wares and tea cup at your table. Flat teapot suites to Sencha/Gyokuro brewing with low temperature water. (high quality green tea, which has lot of umami (amino acid)) You can enjoy Umami of tea leaves. Of course, other kind of tea leaves are good to brew. Chinese greee tea, wihte tea, black tea, made with soft leaves are good, too. Please enjoy drops of wonderful flavor of your tea.

淳蔵是一位不断研究陶土和烧成的艺术家。他具有冷静与情热。 他的作品,粘土质地和色泽融为一体,给我们自然与简约的印象。 这个扁平茶壶也自然而简单,且造型优雅。它会与您桌上的许多茶具和茶杯很配。 这件扁平茶壶,使用低温水泡日本绿茶类的煎茶和玉露。 (就是高品质绿茶,其中含有很多UMAMI鲜味(氨基酸)) 您可以享受品尝UMAMI鲜味。 当然,其他种类的茶叶也适合泡。 细嫩茶叶,中国绿茶,白茶,红茶也不错。请享受茶的您茶的美妙的香味。

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