Name of Japanese Tea Ware for Green Tea Brewing

There are two major types of tea ware (tea utensils) in Japan.

One is for drinking matcha  and the other is for drinking green tea (leaf tea).

These two kind of tea ware are generally not shared and are classified as different things.

They have different origins and development each other.

The tea ware in the photo are used for brewing leaf tea. Since the tea leaves produced in Japan is mainly green tea, many traditional tea ware for leaf tea are made for green tea brewing, but of course they can also be used for other types of tea (white tea, oolong tea, etc.)

Japanese Name of Tea Ware in the Photo

Let’s look each items.

Kyusu measn teapot, in the narrow sense side-handle teapot.

Yuzamashi means water cooler. Since Japanese green tea is often brewed with 75-85℃ water. Once the 100°C water is boiled in a kettle, put it in a hot water cooler to lower the temperature. Then pour the hot water from the yuzamashi into the kyusu.

Senchawan mean small tea cup for sencha green tea, specially used in sencha tea ceremony (senchado) or  when tasting high quality green tea. It is often used as a social tea, not for daily tea. What is called as Yunomi is for tea cup for daily tea.

mean tea canister, especially, often used as sencha tea ceremony (senchado) or for social tea. Before guests come for your tea time, green tea leaves are put in it and prepared. (It is not used for storing tea leaves for preservation) The tea leaves from the chashinko is put to a tea measuring spoon, that is called a sago (often made by bamboo or wood ), and then the tea leaves are put into a kyusu.

The tea ware in this photo are a free combination of my own, but I usually brew tea with  these kind of tea ware when I have friends over.

There are many different types of tea ware, some for daily use, some for social tea ceremonies, etc. I think it is good to freely combine each type of utensil according to mood and occasion. Most important thig is to enjoy the teatime.

In case you would like to check if your combination for tea ware is according to Japanese custom and tradition, we can provide advice or consultation. Fees will be quoted. (Photo check and advice in mail)

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