Pine Tree Wood Fired SUZU Ware Shinohara Takashi Vase (Blue Cloud)珠洲柴焼


Suzu Ware (Suzuyaki)Small Vase by Shinohara Takashi. 2023 new work.

Beautiful wood firing black vase. Elegant shape that brings joy and calmness.

Pine tree is used for firing in kiln – Ash of Pine tree on the body.

The body of the vase have soft black and grey. Rich ash glaze on the vase.

Complex and natural color of ash is is beautiful. This time of firing, blue color appeared on the some works.

This item is one of them. Blue only appears only certain conditions in the kiln, high temperature is one of the factor. This is not glazed blue, ash of firewood change to the blue.

In this vase you may see layer of blue clouds in the beautiful shade of black.

Very rich in texture, good feeling.

His works gives quietness calmness. The shape, color of the body, fly ash…deep beauty and touch to your heart.

Shinohara used to be a monk, he started make pottery to express his inner world on his pottery.

Please refer our blog for more information about Suzu ware & Shinohara’s works.  Suzu ware is pottery made Suzu city in Noto peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. Suzu ware’s history is back to 12 century.


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