Reiko, HIROSHI KOIE(鯉江廣), Japanese Local Red Clay. Smoked Black Ceramic Teapot. Handmade Process of Teapot Master.

KOIE HIROSHI鯉江廣 ( 玲光 Reiko)’s Red Clay Smoked Black Fine Clay Handmade Teapot. This is SHIHA TEA & COMFORT Original teapot. Red clay which is smoked to black, edge (openings and handle) of surface was ground and the red clay is appeared. Contrast of red and black color is beautiful.

All the process of teapot making has been done by Reiko himself alone. From clay selection/making to firing. Holes on strainer was also made by himselef, please see the last photo.

Black color made by smoke (reduction fired) over red clay is soft, deep, (feel layers) and attractive. Clay is fine, Texture is smooth. You may able to tell from the photos.

Water flow is good. Stopping of water flow is good, too. Lid is just fit – Good feeling of placing lid in the position.
Body & lid is rather thin – The thinner the more difficult to make. (Although not the thinner, the better) This is just right thinness. Weight is approx. 130g.

Shiha Tea & Comfort and Reiko’s collaboration design. To satisfy tea lovers need, it is made with the following spec ;

* Right-size to brew tea (200ml which is not too big, not too small)
* Good clay – Make taste of tea richer (especially green tea)
* Simple – Enjoy texture, shape. Simple & natural are basic mind of tea. Suit to mind of tea lovers.
* Classical – Body Shape, angle of handle are following teapots of old time of Japan, a few hundred years ago. It may bring inner joy.

This teapot satisfies your aesthetic sense.
REIKO was accredited as the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property.

His style of works is classical and simple elegant. Not only total impression, even detail parts (lid, lid knob, openings of teapot, curves…) have the taste.

He makes tea ware for Sencha tea ceremony. Please read about Senchad tea ceremony ware.

他作品被日本煎茶道界的茶人受欢迎。 泥质细腻,造型古朴,很精致。 他茶壶和煎茶道的风雅而古朴的茶席很相映。 Shiha Tea & Comfort的这款朱泥茶壶, 为了爱常滑烧朱泥壶的人设计的。 壶型有魅力,和把手设计很调和, 总体印象很素雅。 容量不太大,能泡好茶,大约两百毫升。 玲光大师的壶,盖子很紧密,出水断水很利索。 泥质很好,越养越有光泽。 所有的过程被鯉江廣大师亲手做。 壶里茶漏也是他亲手打孔。店主拜访他工房拍摄。 Capacity: approx. 200ml

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