Shunen 2nd, Red Clay plum blossoms Relief Engraved Carving Ceramic Kyusu Teapot, Tokoname, Japan

Beautiful Red Clay Art.

Hand carving plum flowers in big flower shape on the body of teapot. Beautiful contrast of relief carving of flowers and blank space ( fine clay smooth surface) It is so harmonious.

It has both Japanese traditional and modern impression.
Sophisticated shape.

Artist Shunen the second DESIGHN and MAKE teapot and CARVE by himself. He is a potter and carver. Many of potters in Tokoname work with carvers. This Shunen’s teapot is all made by Shunen.

In Japanese plum tree and blossoms have long history. They have been seen more than a thousand years in Japan. Many old poem tell about plum blossoms . It is one of national flowers in Japan in this way. Plum blossoms Shunen carved is classical. May reminds of old poem and old time of Japan for Japanese.

Strainer: Ceramic. the same material as the body
Artist: Mano Shunen the sencond
Artist Bio: Born in 1950
Capacity: Approx. 250 ml

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