Japanese Kyusu Teapot in Inner Mongolia 山田想 内モンゴル


This is a Tokonameyaki kyusu (teapot) Shiha Tea & Comfort delivered to a customer in Inner Mongolia.

He liked it very much and sent me a photo of it in use.


He says he likes the blue color that the potter, Sou Yamada creates.

He uses the kyusu to brew various types of tea such as Puer raw tea, Wuyi rock oolong tea and white tea.

Why those types of tea?

茶湯の色が、このブルーに合うからだそうなんです。 お茶を頂きながら、器をのぞいて喜んでらっしゃるようすが目に浮かびます。
He says because the colors of those types of tea match this blue color.  You can imagine him gazing into the cup while enjoying tea.

He is using the kyusu teapots baked in a wood-fired kiln flexibly to brew different types of tea instead of sticking to one certain type.

He also says that such flexibility is one of the very reasons he likes them.

(In general, Chinese people pick a teapot for one specific type of tea – like “This teapot is only for white tea.” – the reason is that the flavor of the tea stays inside the teapot.)



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