KIKO ANDO Bizen Tea Brewing Bowl 備前安藤騎虎柴焼泡茶碗

備前定制 安藤騎虎柴焼 泡茶碗 泡碗 . 安藤騎虎的作品保持传统技艺创造新的美。外侧内侧有火襷(緋襷) 线纹(在器胎上捲上稻草烧成,稻草部分变成暗紅色线紋)烧色温暖咖啡牛奶色,自然灰釉的黄色。碗形很稳定。

Shiha Tea Order made Big Tea Brewing Bowl, Directly put in Tea leaves in the bowl and pour hot water in it. Use dipper to share the tea. How to use is up to you. Kiko Ando makes beautiful and sophisticated shape of works with Bizen Clay and the texture is deep and tasteful. Kiko Ando is the artist who mixes traditional art and modern style harmoniously.

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