Bizen Salt Glaze 2 tone Cup Rakuzan Fujiwara Kou 藤原康 2 pcs


This cup was fired in a salt kiln in Bizen, Japan.

In the final stage of firing,  salt is thrown in the kiln and salt glaze is applied on the surface of the cup. The surface has very soft and elegant shine.

The color of the body  is very gradation of nuance blue, grey. The texture is so tender.

These color is made in firing in kiln. The color is unexpected even for the artist.

The artist Fujiwara Kou is a member of Fujiwara Family in Bizen, who is famous for Bizen Rakuzan Salt Kiln.

The first generation Fujiwara Rakuzan invented the salt blue firing in 1896
Second generation Fujiwara Rakuzan (Important Intangible Cultural Property)
Third generation Fujiwara Rakuzan 
Fujiwara Kou is 4th 

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