Black Lacquer High Grade Tea Ware Box 黑漆沉金茶具盒


Old Lacquer Tea ware box. Made in Wajima, Japan, that is most famous lacquer place.

Works from Wajima are considered high grade in Japan.

Very thick coating of black lacquer, texture is soft touch (not really soft – it is expression. Because it is thick layers of lacquer and touch is delicate compare to plastic) very delicate and elegant sheen (gloss) ·

Mountain and water scene is very relaxing and calm . It is a daily life and nature of old time of Japan.

This art is made with Chinkin technique that is engraved design with powdered gold filled in grooves. It is a profound and gorgeous. Gold on black lacquer is harmonious.

Old time of Japan, it is used like this; (until approx. 30-40 years ago)

Put tea ware set in the box with tea canister and saucers and place it in guest room. When guest comes, brew tea with the tea ware.

This is very high grade box. For daily use at home, much simpler one were used. Nowadays tea boxes are not used in daily life so much in Japan.

(Traditional hotel (Ryokan) has this kind of tea box in room, usually plastic or wood made)

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