Japan Traditional Craft Nara Itto-bori (Nara Doll) and Gachapon (Capsule Toy) Boom

(Real Nara doll animals (wood) and toys (plastic))

In Japan Gachapon (Capsule Toy) is very hot now. Walking street of Tokyo, you will see Gachapon machines at many places.

We have found a very cute capsule toy which is like small Nara Itto-bori (Nara Doll) animals.

Nara Itto-bori is Japanese traditional wood craft from Nara prefecture. The style of dolls have simple and bold touch cut.  It looks as if it was carved with a single knife. It has several hundred years history.

The toy is not made of wood, but the style reminds us of Itto-bori.

If you would like, we can send one capsule toy with your teaware order. (One toy instead of standard small present.)

Please send us a mail after placing an order of teaware if you would like one.

(If the capsule cannot be put in a space of a carton box, we send a toy without capsule )

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