Exploring JINSHU’s Mogake Seaweed Kyusu and Innovative Filter 甚秋藻掛


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JINSHU Flat White Mogake Seaweed Tokoname Kyusu Teapot (Wood Box with artist’s signature) 甚秋藻掛 (Made in Tokoname Japan)

This Kyusu teapot is featuring a surface adorned with white makeup clay. The unique design incorporates the beauty of seaweed (Mo), enhancing the elegance of the white body.

The Dorm Filter of the Jinshu flat teapot is a 3D and generously sized filter. It ensures a smooth pour without tea leaves causing blockages. Traditional flat filters, which cover only a hole in the body, are prone to blockages by tea leaves for this shallow wall teapot. The most challenging aspect was stabilizing a thin mesh filter on the body, Jinshu says.

<Story of new filter structure>
Jinshu dedicated time to observing the comfort and optimal function of his teapot during each tea brewing. These observations influenced the development of a new filter structure. Despite facing difficulties, Jinshu persisted in refining the product over an extended period.

Experience the teapot that Jinshu has meticulously created, drawing from his continuous efforts to enhance the user’s tea brewing experience.

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