Folding Fan for Tea Ceremony 15cm (side-order item)


This item is only orderable with tea ware order.
Please order together with tea ware.
We enclose this folding fan  in the space of a carton box for tea ware. 

Limited to 1 piece for a person (in a carton box).


Folding Fan for Tea Ceremony  (Tea Ceremony Flower for season) 15cm 

Folding Fan for Tea Ceremony is used for tea ceremony in Japan. 

Flower arrangement for tea ceremony room  (Tea ceremony Flower Arrange 茶花)  for every month are printed. You can enjoy Japanese flower of the season, traditional vases (pottery, bamboo, metal), flower arrangement. You can also enjoy for room decolation.

When it is used for tea ceremony, this size (15cm / 5寸) is for women. 

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