Recommendation! Kyusu Teapot for Gyokuro Green Tea (Japanese Green Tea) 玉露

We use small teapot and small cups for Gyokuro basically.

Condensed rich taste tea such as Gyokuro, we usually put small amount in a cup.

It is as same as espresso coffee and rich thick taste food. We satisfy with small amount. We fully enjoy the flavor and the aftertaste which last long time. This is reference comparison.

We recommend that capacity of teapot can be less than 200ml (6.7oz) . You don’t always need to fill up water to the max. You can use 100ml water for example, if you would like brew with less water.

Among Tokoname teapot, we recommend Reiko Red Silky Teapot.

Reiko teapot is 200ml (4.2 oz) and the clay is high quality. Not only Gyokuro, you can brew all kind of green tea.

If you would like to brew many kind of green tea including Gyokuro, this teapot is very good.

(Reiko Teapot)

Besides teapot, shiboridashi and houhin are good for Gyokuro as well. Water temperature for Gyokuro is less than 60℃(140°F), you will not get burned even without handle.

(You can use higher temperature as well. It is up to your preference)

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