HAKUSAN Old Tokoname Clay Seaweed Sencha Teapot (Smooth texture model)

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The clay was taken from the ground near old Tokoname kiln ruins in a mountain , which is about several hundred ago. 

The clay of this teapot is the same clay used in 12th century, according to the artist, Hakusan.

He dug clay from the ground of the site and process it into very fine clay. 

This clay is not abundant, so it is valuable. 

Shape is very elegant and simple. We call this Soroban shape ( it is an abacus in Japanese.)

Surface of the body gently polished after making the form to make it smooth.

Seaweed was wound around the teapot in firing. On teapot you see beautiful shining light brown seaweed lines. It is making teapot so attractive.

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