Hakusan , Mogake, Green Clay Seaweed Kyusu Teapot 日本常滑烧 白山绿泥藻掛茶壺 急須

白山绿泥藻掛茶壺 Hakusan , Mogake, Green Clay Seaweed Stylish Japanese Ceramic Kyusu Teapot Tokoname teapot aritst Hakusan’s work. Stylish shape and color. Brown Seaweed lines are so cool on calm green clay. It gives you impression of New & Traditional . This seaweed is from several decades ago! Seaweed Pattern is unique for each teapot. We send you photo of available ones before sending actual teapot.

For more details https://shihateacomfort.com/hakusanstylish/
Please see story of Hakusan’s Mogake Seaweed. https://shihateacomfort.com/hakusanmogakestory/

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