YAMADA HOUSEI Gourd Teapot,Tokoname, Japanese Kyusu 山田宝生葫芦窑变茶壶, 常滑烧

Potter 制壶:山田宝生 YAMADA HOUSEI Carver 刻画:山田宝生母亲 Mother of YAMADA HOUSEI

Yamada Housei Red clay then change color in dark red in 2nd firing in kiln, Unglazed. Elegant Shape, House’s mother carved the Gourd, on body and lid. Because the surface color is layers (black(smoke) on red) , the color of the body shows different impression depending on the light. All the pictures in this page is for one teapot. 山田宝生 朱泥窑变壶,宝生母亲刻花。质感自然。宝生的壶型又优美又美妙。

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