How to Tie String on Wooden box of Japanese Teapot (Tomobako). 共箱 桐箱の紐の結び方 (英語)

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We tell you how to tie string/cord/Rope on wooden box of Japanese Teapot .

Things to Know About Japanese Teapot Box

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Make Sure length of 2 Strings before Start

The string looks 2 piece, but is actual one. Check the back side of the box and how strings is running.

Put together the 2 ends of the string and make sure the length are the same. If it is not the same, adjust it. It is important to make a symmetry butterfly knot.

Right Direction of Box

Make sure the direction of your box. Place connection part in front and back like photo below. Side doesn’t have the connection part.

Tokoname Teapots usually have strings at left upper corner like photo below. Other pottery can sometimes be at right upper corner.

We talk about for Tokoname Teapot Box here.

Let’s start

The photo is Sou Yamada’s Teapot Box.

Place the knot slightly right side from center. It easier to tie and looks beautiful.

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