Japan Arita Porcelain 16 Cups (Tenmoku Style)Box

This shape is called Tenmoku Shape. Classical and elegant.

Shinemon’s porcelain stone is very white like snow.
You can see it on the unglazed part, which is bottom of the cup and foot ring.

Shinemon’s porcelain stone is high grade and it also the reason to gives good effect to the color of glaze made in kiln.

They manipulate kiln atmosphere (flame, temperature, oxygen etc) and create beautiful colors.
Glazes on cups turn to unexpected colors if it is not controlled well.

Some colors are most beautiful when firing in winter.

Crystalline glaze sometimes result in not enough crystals on body. Only the ones with beautiful crystals are selected and handed to customers.

Please enjoy various beauties, crystalline glaze, tenmoku glaze, blue,green, orange, red, purple, brown, black..

Color of the glazing, volume of Crystal in glazing of each piece are varies depends on kiln status and they are not identical as photo. Total impression is the same. We appreciate your understanding.

(If you have preference of amount of crystal, please inform us when ordering. We try to select one according to your preference. )

The photo was taken by Shiha Teapot Shop and we see the cups are very beautiful on beautiful pure white porcelain. .

Studio : Shinemon Kiln
Approx. 80-90ml

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