Japan KUTANI Porcelain Traditional Lucky Motif Cup Saucer Set 6 Pairs Japanese Tea Set

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Kutani is famous porcelain town in Japan. Porcelain production was started mid 17th century. Color of Authentic Kutani porcelain consist of Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Navy.

This cup set has Japanese  traditional art(motif) on the them. Each of them has meaning in Japan as follows. Those motifs are also often seen in Japanese traditional cloth Kimono.

  • Karako (kids in ancient china) …Family luck prosperity
  • Varied Tit ( birds) … Gathering, Family gathering
  • Rhodea japonica (ever green plant ) …Immortality
  • Treasure collection (Lucky items) … Become rich 
  • Crane … Longevity
  • Cherry blossom (Huge harvest, Start of good thing)    

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