JIN Guardian dog Carbonized Grey Seaweed Mogake Teapot 谷川仁藻掛

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Tasteful Teapot. Unglazed. Lid knob is Guardian dog (Komainu) which is seen at gate of shrines/temple in Japan. 

Body and lid has very attractive seaweed pattern, it is nice harmony with teapot body color.  Shade of red line are beautiful.

Made of Tokoname mountain clay which Jin himself dug and took about 20-30 years ago.

The deep grey is made in firing in reduction (Carbonized) and flame in the kiln made the color of body tasteful. You can see warm soft reddish color on the whole surface. 

As you use, the body color get deeper and has more shine. – His clay and the way of  firing make it special.

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