JINSHU Flat Black Teapot Left Hand (Wood Box with artist’s signature (certificate) )甚秋 JN65

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Beautiful Shape, unique & well designed filter. Black teapot shows tea leave beautifully (tea leaves look  so vivid) . Wide opening allow you to enjoy beauty and status of tea leaves. You can watch and enjoy change of tea leaves in water. You can see right time to pour by watching leaves, as well.

<Production Story> After long years of trails and studies , Ito Seiji succeeded produce beautiful and practical design “Gokuhira Flat Teapot”. Some years ago- in development Pulling low body on potter’s wheel wasn’ t easy, how to mount mesh flier beautifully and with good function – it was also trial and error. He wasn’t satisfied with most of what he created. Gokuhira flat teapots were born upon his continuous effort toward his ideal. 

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