SHORYU Oil Drop Pattern Gold Lid knob Back Handle Teapot 昭龍油滴 SR28


Elegant & noble black Japanese handmade teapot with gold paint lid knob.

Body is carbon black with oil drop pattern with delicate shine. The black comes from reduction firing with rice-hulls in kiln. (Smoked)

Melt pure gold was applied on lid knob, that makes teapot look gorgeous. And the gold lid makes the black more beautiful.

After 1st firing (red teapot),  apply glaze on surface fire again , then go reduction firing (smoked. becomes black teapot) , apply pure gold on lid-knob the fire again.

It is originally red clay.

It was not easy to have beautiful oil drop pattern at first, Shoryu said. He had been tried some years to have ideal pattern constantly. Because change of weather and season (temperature and humidity in the air) affect to the pattern.

The surface is glazed and its texture is smooth and natural, inside is unglazed, so that tea and water touches the clay – that makes tea taste round.

This teapot is rather light, body is relatively thin.

The artist Shoryu developed own light clay after 3 years of research.

Good to brew any kind of tea. There are many good reputation especially green tea, white tea brewing.

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