JINSHU Flat Gradation Tokoname Kyusu Teapot (Wood Box with artist’s signature (certificate) )

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Natural Gradation Color.

Handmade by Ito Seiji (Master Jinshu)
Unglazed. Please enjoy the effect of the clay to tea.
This teapot was fired 2 time in a kiln to make gradation color. 
The color is made by controlling air and temperature in the firing in a kiln. 

<Production Story> After long years of trails and studies , Ito Seiji succeeded produce beautiful and practical design Flat Teapot. Some years ago- in development Pulling low body on potter’s wheel wasn’ t easy, how to mount mesh flier beautifully and with good function – it was also trial and error. He wasn’t satisfied with most of what he created. Flat teapots were born upon his continuous effort toward his ideal. 

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