JINSHU Flat White Mogake Seaweed Teapot (Wood Box with artist’s signature (certificate) ) 甚秋藻掛 JN18

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Seaweed line art differ every piece. It is unique for each item. 
We send you this #JN18.

Jinshu special blend clay is used. Surface of the body has white make-up clay. Mo (Seaweed) look  beautiful on the white body.

Beautiful filter mounted inside of the body. This is a teapot that you can enjoy the inside design. Dorm filter is invented by Jinshu.  This filter make it possible to pour til last drop. 

<Production Story>

After long years of trails and studies , Jinshu made beautiful and practical design flat Teapot. Most difficult part is mounting a thin mesh filter to shallow body stably.

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Jinshu – World Ceramic Teapot Art Competition Winners

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