JINSHU Flat White Mogake Seaweed Tokoname Kyusu 甚秋藻掛

Jinshu Mogake Seaweed Flat Teapot with dome filterSHIHA TEAPOT SHOP Online Store: https://shihateapot.com

Jinshu special blend clay is used. Surface of the body has white make-up clay. Mo (Seaweed) look  beautiful on the white body.

Beautiful filter mounted inside of the body. This is a teapot that you can enjoy the inside design. Dome filter is invented by Jinshu.  This filter make it possible to pour til last drop. 

Dome strainer (filter): Filter of Jinshu flat teapot is 3D and large. It makes it possible to pour out tea liquid smoothly without leaves are being clogged in the filter. (If filter is flat and only covers a hole of the body, tea leaves can block the filter.) Jinshu spent many years to invent this special and beautiful filter to mount well to the flat teapots.


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