JINSHU Red Clay Flat Teapot (Wood Box with artist’s signature (certificate)甚秋

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Stylish Shape, beautiful structure of the filter, which Jinshu invented.

Tokoname red clay. Attractive red color, that has deepness and lightness.

Smooth mat texture.

For single color teapot,  shape and texture, and the harmony of them is important.

In order to create such a natural color and texture, Jinshu carefully selects and blends various kind of clays. And, he control time of firing. Fire it slowly and then cool it down slowly.

Beauty of color and texture also bring you a joy.

Tokoname red clay make taste of  green tea round.  Wide opening allow you to enjoy beauty and status of tea leaves. You can watch and enjoy change of tea leaves in water. You can see right time to pour by watching leaves, as well.

<Production Story>

After long years of trails and studies , Ito Seiji (Jinshu) succeeded produce beautiful and practical design “Gokuhira Flat Teapot”. The most difficult part is design of the structure of the filter and mounting it to the body stably and beautifully.

Jinshu – World Ceramic Teapot Art Competition Winners

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