Kakewake Cup in Elegance Takatori Hassen

Elegant, noble and natural.
Thin body which is representing Takatori-yaki style.

The beginning of Takatori pottery started with the production of tea utensils for the ruling powers of the time. Thinness is required for the tea canister (Chaire) of tea utensils, and even today, the thin-bodied Takatoriyaki pottery ware has been inherited. The characteristic of modern Takatori ware is a combination of elegance and wabi-sabi. Kirei-sabi (綺麗寂), this expression is used for Takatoriyaki pottery that describe a combination of simplicity, antiquity(wabi-sabi), plus brightness and elegance (which seems opposite style. They are fused together)

This cup has 2 different glazing applied. 

Milky white clay is straw ash glaze which Hassen made by burning straw.
Yellowish glaze is called candy glaze (Ameyu glaze) which shows beautiful shade of brown. The harmony and contrast of the those two glazes is attracting. Both glaze are Hassen’s blend.


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