Old Takatori Style Cup See the Nature- Takatori Hassen 13th 高取八仙

Artistic tasteful cup –  rough, rustic, natura and tendar, like real nature. 
Thick glaze and rougn clay – total imoression is natural and tender.

The texture is very smooth and tender, Kodai (foot) part is rough texture and the combination of the texture give you attractive feels.

This cup has 2 different glazing applied. 

Milky white clay is straw ash glaze which Hassen made by burning straw.
Yellowish glaze is called candy glaze (Ameyu glaze) which shows beautiful shade of brown. The harmony and contrast of the those two glazes is attracting. Both glaze are Hassen’s blend. The bluish color is also visible, and the flowing glaze is just divine.

A swirl pattern created by threads on foot of the base is left.  (it means cutting surface is not adjusted) It demonstrating the artist’s pursuit of beauty and playfulness even in the smallest details.

He is 88 years old this year, and his history, aesthetics, and beauty are expressed in this cup.


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