Kato Seisho Blue & White Orchid Porcelain Teapot & Yuzamashi 清昌茶具套 Japanese Tea Set

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KYOTO Blue & White Orchid Porcelain Small Teapot Set 

Back handle Teapot + Yuzamashi

The aritst Seisho make sophisticated style of teapot.

The body is ratter thin.

Hand painting Blue & White Orchid is elegant. 

Painting is simple, material and glazing is well and shape of teapot is sophisticated. 

Those factor makes simple beauty.

Design of of Yuzamashi is unique and tasteful. 
It reminds old elegant teatime taken place among writers and artists of Japan.

Good to brew any kind of tea.
Porcelain teapot show aroma of tea leaves well.  Tea with delicate aroma such as black tea,  Jasmin, white tea is good.

In Japanese Senchado tea ceremony, porcelain teapots are often used for brewing high grade green tea.


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