Black Red Mable Seaweed Teapot Kyusu KOSHIN, Kato Tadaomi Tokoname Japan 香臣 加藤忠臣 日本 常滑焼大理石 急須 茶壶

black red marble teapot

Hello we are SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP in Tokyo, Japan.

We introduce KOSHIN Kiln’s Teapot which is Glorious and Traditional. And it has feeling of Dignity.

This is KOUSHIN’s original and very unique style in Japan.

The Secret of Marble is Seaweed

The marble pattern comes from SEAWEED.
Seaweed is from sea of Chita Peninsula Area in Japan, where Tokoname city is located.

Seaweed teapots are seen in 1800’s in Tokoname. Tokoname city is facing to ocean. Potters used natural produce to decorate teapots.

Using seaweed has to have lots of steps. From picking up seaweed to firing teapot. Please see our article below for long process.

3 Times Firing in Kiln to Make Beautiful Marble Pattern

This teapot is fired 3 times in a kiln.

1 First fire to make red clay teapot
2 Bind seaweed and fire to make marble pattern
3 Fire in reduction atmosphere (Smoke) to change red body to black body

Red and Black is so harmonious.

What is the Effect of Smoked black ?

Body looks dark brown under less light.
It looks reddish brown under much light.

It show you different impression depends on the light it receives.
Red clay smoked to black is deep, feeling of layers.

3 different textures in a teapot

1 Lid, handle and spout are well polished and it looks like real marble. So shiny and smooth.

2 Body texture is like fine sand . In Japan this texture is called “Pine Tree Peel“. The artist made it feel like iron teapot.

3 Foot part is simple & smooth texture.

There are so much to enjoy in this teapot.

香臣大理石紋 海草紋 中文 制作介紹



1 先烧成朱泥茶壶
2 再把海草缠在茶壶上烧制
3 最后还原烧制熏黑了

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