Kyusu Teapot Care Brush Set B2(5 Cleaning Brushes + Wiping Cloth)


1. This brush set is only orderable with teapot order.
Brushes are put in a space of carton box of a teapot that is ordered at the same time.

2. Only 1 set is orderable per person for the moment (limited number available)

Thank you very much for your understanding.


How to use & maintenance brushes, please see our blog below.

How to Wash & Care Japanese Kyusu Teapot Properly 


#01 Filter brush
#02 Inner wall brush 
#03 Lid shelf brush (Lid seat brush)
#04 Mesh cleaning brush
#05 Spout brush
#06  Absorbent wipe cloth

In order to use #05 Spout brush, size of the brush and your teapot spout have to be match. If brush is too big or too small, it doesn’t work. If you are not sure, please order set A1 or A2 or ask us if a teapot you are going to order and the brush match.


#01 Filter brush  (Approx. 21.7cm / Horsehair)
#02 Inner wall brush  (Approx. 15.3cm / Horsehair)
#03 Lid shelf brush (Approx. 14.7cm / Horsehair)
#04 Mesh cleaning brush  (Approx.14.0cm / Pig bristle)
#05 Spout brush (Approx. 17.0cm long / 1㎝ wide / Horsehair)
#06 Absorbent wipe cloth (Approx 40cm * 70cm / cotton & rayon)

Please note that some brushes handle have numbering stamp or name on them.


We have 4 kinds of Set. Please refer the images below.



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