Maekawa Junzo Handmade Glazed Simple Warn Glazed Teapot 淳蔵粗陶


Warm & cool, rough & delicate. Perfect harmony.

White glazing on Junzo’s special blend of clay which is different size of clay & sand & stone. It is tasteful in eye and good feeling in your hand. 

No glazing inside. Some part of glaze is thicker and it look more white – natural and interesting to appreciate. 

Junzo thinks that what most important for teapots is ease of use. Gripping of handle, lightness of body, tightness of lid to body, water flow from spout – Users would feel comfortability for all that.

The body is rather thin, handle is slim. When holding the handle, you will feel delicate holding.

Rather wide opening, it is also good for longer piece of tea leave such as Wuyi Yan cha, Dan Cong, Bai Mu Dan etc 

This teapot is made of;
blend of Tokoname’s red clay and rather rough mountain soil.
Any tea is fine with teapot. Especially fermented teas such as ripe Pu’er tea and black tea – It will bring out the taste and aroma of those tea. 
The artist Junzo often brew those tea with this teapot. 


Junzo was born in 1976. A ceramic artist in Tokoname city, that is known as “teapot town of Japan”. There are many teapot artists in the city.

Most of their works are unglazed teapot with red clay or mountain clay. Junzo often uses glaze on surface of teapots to express more than clay alone can do. (Inside is unglazed)

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