Maekawa Junzo – Zero Saturation Flat Teapot + cups Set 常滑淳蔵


Teapot page (without cups)

Beautiful perfect circle and 3D oval body, color of “zero saturation” – no color.

Junzo spent a year to complete this stylish teapot with high usability since he got the idea. It was a process of trial and error.

Junzo thinks that most important for teapots is ease of use. Gripping of handle, lightness of body, tightness of lid to body, water flow from spout – Users would feel comfortability for all that.

Maekawa Junzo was born in 1976. A ceramic artist in Tokoname city, that is known as “teapot town of Japan”. There are many teapot artists in the city.

Most of their works are unglazed teapot with red clay or mountain clay. Junzo uses often glaze on surface of teapots to express more than clay alone can do. (Inside is unglazed)

Junzo says, having time of brewing tea with a teapot in everyday life produce richness in mind.

Warm the teapot, put tea leaves in a teapot and wait for tea leaves open in the teapot. Slow down your pace of life in this moment. It will bring a space in yourself.

Junzo is a tea lover. He brew Japanese green tea, Taiwan Wenshan baozhong, Tie Guan Yin, Chinese Pu’er Tea with this teapot. Any kind of tea can be good for this teapot.

Blend of  Tokoname mountain soil with Tajimi and Seto’s Clay.

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