Matcha Bowl Toraku Proper Japanese Tea Ceremony Chawan Mishima 抹茶碗


Lovely Mishima pattern Matcha bowl from Kyoto Japan.

Nuances color, full flower stamping and painting. White surface clay slip on stamping on red clay makes white flowers beautiful in purple pink bowl.

This is proper Tea ceremony Matcha bowl. Thickness and weight is just right. You feel very comfortable have it in your hand, also the right thinness/thickness of the edge of the bowl carry matcha to your mouth smoothly. Good feel on your lip.

The shape of this tea bowl is traditionally called a kutsu-shape (Kutsu-gata). Kutsu-shape bowls are intentionally made in irregularly distorted shape, such as an oval or triangle. The distortion of the shape fits well in the palm, making it stable in the hand and easy to drink matcha.

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