Motozo Kameoka, Octopus Dobin Teapot, Tokoname, Japanese Kyusu 素三章魚盖土瓶茶壺

素三章魚盖钮土瓶茶壺 Motozo Octopus Dobin Teapot 常滑 日本 Tokoname, Japan. 常滑素三的手工手编茶壶。不施釉。 他作品创意,温暖,永恒设计。壶身表白的装饰凹凸如海底。和章魚盖钮感觉和调和。把手粗编感觉大方,适合自然古朴的生活。滤网大,出水流畅。素三为日本昭和平成时代的茶壶大师之一。

All hand made,hand woven handle by Motozo. Unglazed. His style of works are unique, warm and timeless. Surface of the body is decorative, looks like seabed. It is harmonious with the octopus lind knob. Woven handle is dynamic and reminds old simple life of Japan. Big ceramic strainer, good water flow. Motozo was one of teapot masters in Showa, Heisei Era of Japan.

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