Optimal Umami Experience: The Importance of Green Tea Temperature Control (Japanese Greentea)

1 More than half of the amino acids (umami taste) are extracted in the first brew.

2 Main components of Japanese green tea that determine the taste are

  • Amino acids
  • Catechins
  • Caffeine

The balance between amino acids and catechins is particularly important for flavor.

3 The ratio of amino acids (umami taste) to catechins (bitterness and astringency) is the largest in the first brewing, and the umami taste can be felt the most.

4 However, if the temperature of the water is higher than 80℃, more catechins (bitterness and astringency) are extracted, covering the umami taste, and the umami taste may not be felt as much.

5 When brewing green tea that has a lot of umami in tea leaves, you can enjoy umami to the fullest if the temperature is kept below 80°C.

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