Pine Tree Wood Fired SUZU-yaki Shinohara Takashi Black & Ash Cup 珠洲篠原敬A3


This cup has so much Wabi-sabi feeling.

Impression of simple , quiet, humble  Rustic..

Pine tree is used for firing in kiln – Ash of Pine tree on the cup.

Natural ash glaze inside & outside on the cup.

Inside has deep color made with ash which is pink, green, gray.

The front side has much ash, that shows soft nuance white-grey. The other side is more simple. You can also enjoy the taste of the clay. 

Texture is very simple, a bit rough, natural.

Color of the body, natural ash gives deep beauty and touch to your heart. 

Shinohara used to be a monk, he started make pottery to express his inner world on his pottery.

Please refer our blog for more information about Suzu ware & Shinohara’s works.  



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