Reiko Black Silky texture Water Drain Bowl Tea-Pond 12.2cm 鯉江廣玲光建水


This item is for Water Drain Bowl  Tea-Pond 12.2cm
For smaller one please see page for 10.8cm


In Japan it is called Koboshi or Kensui.
Small size Kensui good for placing your tea table.

Red clay which is smoked to black, edge (rim) of surface was ground so that the red clay is appeared. Contrast of black and red line is beautiful.

Black color made by smoke on red clay is soft, deep. 

Unglazed, very fine texture – silky.
It is simple texture – you can enjoy the smooth surface.
It is rather difficult to make smooth surface with no pattern on it. Clay has to smooth and it shows skill of forming.

Shape has very elegant and stable impression.

Texture and Shape are important for simple black tea ware.

Surface will have deeper sheen as you use it long time.

Good to put on tea table while you brew and enjoy tea.

Artist Reiko produces tea ware for Senchado (Sencha tea ceremony), which should be simple but elegant and tasteful. 

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