KYOTO Porcelain Blue & White Japanese Poem Mini Houhin Japanese Tea Set

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KYOTO Porcelain Blue & White Mini Houhin Set
Very white porcelain and beautiful blue hand drawing

Size is very small –  this size of tea ware was seen in Taisho period of Japan (About 90-100 years ago) 

Aritist Seisho made Houhin set with Taisho style(size).

Poem of Rengetsu (Ōtagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875)) who was poet, nun, potter were written on the body.




「In mountain village , I am accustomed to hearing only the sound of pine trees, and on days when the wind does not blow, I am rather lonely.」

Contents and Use

(2 Houhins / 6 cups in total)

1 HOUHIN: To cool hot water (Yuzamashi)
1 HOUHIN: To brew tea

5 Cups: To taste tea
1 Cup: spare cup

Box: paper


Seisho Kato from Kyoto


HOUHIN: Approx.  Capacity 50-60ml, Diameter 6cm
Cup: Approx. Diameter 4.2cm Height 3.3cm

How to use

This houhin set designed brew Gyokuro or high grade Japanese green tea.

  1. Put enough amount of tea leaves in a houhin.
  2. Put hot water in another houhin and wait until the water temperature goes down to approx 40℃.
  3. Pour the 40℃ water into houhin with tea leaves and wait.
  4. Pour the tea into cups. Each persons/cups should have very little amount. 
  5. Because tea in this way is very thick and strong with good aroma. Even small amount  satisfy you. (only Gyokuro or high grade tea can work this way, because tea leave contain lots of components such as amino acid)
  6. You can brew more than 3 times. 

You can enjoy deep essence of green tea in this way. You can use this houhin to brew for yourself alone, too.

Note: tea leaves absorb 4 times of water of itself. (5g tea leaves absorb 20 ml of water theoretically)

Tip of Poring

When poring tea from Houhin to each cups, if it is slow tilting, tea can flow from spout along to the surface of the body of houhin. It is better to tilt sharply. 

It is also good to pour all tea into your pitcher (Gong dao bei) first then pour to the cups. 

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