SHUNEN Black Flower Window Plum Bamboo Pine Japanese Tokoname Kyusu Teapot 常滑舜園

Hand carving Pine Tree, Bamboo, Plum Flower in the flower window on black teapot.

Gorgeous, traditional, sacred. 

Artist Shunen is a potter and a carver. He make teapot and carved by himself. 
Only Shunen can make teapots which gorgeousness and delicateness and elegance coexist.

This is red clay and smoked into black in second firing. 
You can see red frame of the flower window. It is the color before smoking (reduction firing). The frame is shaved off and red inside is showing. 

Pine Tree, Bamboo,  Plum Flower thoese 3 are symbol of luck in Japan.
They are seen many kind in many of  traditional art craft of Japan and kimono (Japanese traditional cloth)

Artist : Shunen Mano 間野舜園

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