Simple and Traditional – Murakoshi Fugetsu Tea Ware 村越風月

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Murakosh Fugetsu Red Clay Shiboridashi Teapot 風月

Fugetsu’s tea ware have a classy and refined style that reflects Japan’s tea culture and traditions. 

For simple red clay teapot/shibo/houhin, texture has more weight to the impression of it. This Fugetsu shibo has fine texture and it goes with the traditional and natural shape of the Shibo.

They’re cherished by senchado tea experts, and Fugetsu teapot / teacup are oftern used formal senchado ceremonies by them.

Fugetsu’s designs stay true to tradition, not chasing trend and focusing on a timeless look that blends well with nature. They bring a sense of calm and are perfect for exploring the essence of tea.

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